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Meet the Maker

Greenwich Bay

Trading Co.

Since 1962, Greenwich Bay Trading Co. has been formulating and crafting luxurious vegetable soaps and spa essentials enriched with botanical butters, essential oils and natural extracts. From their roots in creating custom products for historic, New England inns, Greenwich Bay has grown to offer luxury soaps, spa products and amenities to hospitality and retail businesses throughout the United States and abroad.

Greenwich Bay offers a full collection of spa essentials and luxurious products that will not only pamper you but reflect your unique style.  They've recently created a fresh signature collection of luxurious shea butter soaps and spa essentials - introducing new formulations, scents and products that add a little elegance to your every day.

Greenwich Bay Trading Co. has remained a family-owned and operated business. Their in-house team combines traditional methods with leading expertise and craftsmanship, shepherding each product from conception to delivery from their North Carolina soap factory, making luxury uncommonly affordable.

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